Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peace, Love, & Monograms

Who doesn't love a good monogram?! 
I remember when I got engaged the first thing I did was ordered a monogrammed cell phone case. To my disappointment, it didn't fit my phone and it was a huge waste of money. Lesson learned. 

I got the amazing opportunity to write to y'all about monograms from Marley Lilly. If you know anything pertaining to monograms, you know the name Marley Lilly
Fewer times have I been more excited about mail than when I opened the package from this amazing company! 
Thank you again so so SO much to Marley Lilly for sending this to me for their Blogger Review Program! 
If you're from the south, monogramming is second nature. If you're from Arizona, people look at you like you're crazy and ask "what's a monogram?"
I absolutely LOVE monogramming and this scarf I received has been my favorite accessory this winter. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this photo. My neck has never been warmer and the compliments have never come easier. People loved this! 
Marley Lilly offers monograms for literally anything any everything you could think of. Hats, bows, water bottles, purses….shall I continue? 

For some reason as i'm writing this post, all thats coming to my mind is "if you like it then you should've put a monogram on it". MONOGRAM ALL THINGS! 

My current Wish List from Marley Lilly includes the following:

Are you into monograms? How many things do you own that are monogrammed?! 
I can't wait to grow my collection and these things above will surely be the next to join the party! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Life Update

Hi, my name is Kaylin and I haven't talked with y'all in far too long. 
Ready for a life update?!

I wasn't going to make one of these, but more than one person has asked where i've been lately so I figured maybe two or three other people were curious as well. And maybe not, but i'm writing this anyway, you know me! 

At the beginning of the year, M and I started our Total Money Makeover. If any of you know what that is, you are well aware that we currently have a love/hate relationship with Dave. Good ole Dave! 
Nonetheless, we've been trying to make big moves financially and that leads me to the reason my blog, and social media as a whole, has really been neglected lately. 
Here it is: I GOT A JOB! A full time, 8-5, have to get out of my pajamas every single day kind of JOB! 
(If you don't selfie on the first day of work, did the first day of work really happen?)

We have had many talks on whether I should try to go back to work or not and it really was a difficult decision. I was so beyond thrilled to start staying at home that the thought of going back to work terrified me. We figured for the time being, while getting pregnant is taking longer than expected, I will work and we can use that extra money towards helping pay off our debt. And the whole "being around other human beings" aspect isn't too bad either. 

It's been a long month. It's been a month with lots of changes and lots of adjusting for everyone in our family. I'm really enjoying what i'm doing and the support from my husband is really a huge help. I love how well him and I work as a team. I love that we get to do this whole marriage thing together and make decisions together for whats best for our family. It makes my heart happy. Really, really happy. 

Also, I got an infection in one of my wisdom teeth which was making the simple task of breathing difficult so most nights the last thing I wanted to do was blog. Pretty exiting, huh?! I have missed it though. I've missed it so, so much. It makes me happy when people ask "where have you been?!" It's like people truly care about me, my family, and what's going on in our life. I LOVE THAT. 

And while you're here reading, I want to say thank you. I feel like I could never say thank you enough to the people who read my blog. There are thousands of people each month who click on my little part of the internet to keep up with me and read my thoughts and feelings. I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know. So if you are one of those people, if you click on this page of mine, if you read these words I write….from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

I hope each of you are doing well. Leave me a comment saying hi, send me an email, find me on instagram. 
Let's be friends! 

Monk Fruit In The Raw: Review!

{I was sent this product for review purposes, however ALL opinions are my own. Thank you Moms Meet, the Mom Ambassador Program, and In The Raw for this opportunity}

I feel so blessed with my blog when it comes to being able to review different products! I was especially excited to receive this package in the mail from In The Raw, to review their latest product, Monk Fruit In The Raw!!
I know what a lot of people are thinking…what the heck is a Monk Fruit?! Monk Fruit, also known as Lou Han Guo, is a herbaceous perennial vine of the Cucurbitaceae family, native to southern China and northern Thailand. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious this was in coffee. For some reason I was expecting it to be not as sweet as normal sugar, even though the Monk Fruit In The Raw packs have the same sweetness of about two teaspoons of sugar. 

We are trying to eat a healthier diet in our home, so the zero calorie aspect of these is one of our favorite things. Not to mention it's delicious in coffee like I stated before. I'm actually drinking some right now as I write this! Are you a coffee drinker? How do you like your coffee?

I also got the bakers bag of Monk Fruit In The Raw and I can't wait to bake with it and see how things turn out! I'm thinking Christmas treats of some kind! Cookies, bread, candy?! What should it be?!

If you're looking to try something new in the sugar/sweeteners world, give this a try! I don't think you will be disappointed. Vegan, naturally gluten free, and zero calories. So many things to love! 
Have you tried anything else from the In The Raw family? I also LOVE their Sugar In The Raw! MMM! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Quit Apologizing For Your Mess

Stop reading this post and go to your Facebook feed. Scroll a little bit until you see a picture from a mom. Is she apologizing for her messy house? The dirty mirrors? The toys on the floor? 9 times out of 10, she is. 

Quit apologizing. Quit apologizing for the mess your kids make. 
I know it's a cliche saying, but nonetheless I love it. 

Mom's we shouldn't be sorry about the messes in our pictures. I say "we" because I too am guilty of this. "Sorry for the dirty mirror but…." or "I know the house is a mess but…." 
Why has it come to this? Why are we so worried about people judging our messes that we literally have to apologize every time we post a picture?

I don't know about you, but my house is never perfect. As I type this there are muffin crumbs on the coffee table, markers all over the place, and barbies as far as my eye can see in the living room. But you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that because I know my kid is playing, eating, and living life. Does our house stay a mess? Absolutely not. (Okay, not all the time) All of this "mess" will be cleaned up within the hour, but nonetheless it's there, and i'm NOT sorry about it. 

Moms, cut yourself a break. You do A LOT. You shouldn't have to be worried about what everyone on Facebook and/or instagram is thinking on top of the housework and dinner you have to cook tonight. You are a rockstar. Never sell yourself short of that. And tonight? Enjoy the little messes, your kids are making memories! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Links!

Stopping by my blog on the weekend?! Happy weekend to YOU!

Here are a few things I've been loving lately:
-Shopping Hautelook & Zulily have been my downfall this holiday season. Flash sales are amazing.

-Speaking of shopping, if you don't do it through Ebates, you're doing it wrong.

-I've been busying making a wish list on Pinterest. What sorts of things are on your list?

-I've really been pushing my It Works business this month and I love seeing what everyone is ordering for the holidays!

-What's the latest book you've read? Does this one count? Because i'm in love.

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and I hope it's as relaxing as you anticipated it to be on Wednesday. Drop a comment, tell me what you're up to lately!

Friday, November 7, 2014

What It's Really Like "Trying For A Baby"

You know, trying to get pregnant is a lot harder than I ever imagined. 

I know what you're all thinking, "Quit using protection & wham, bam, thank you ma'am you're pregnant" 
HA! If ONLY it were that simple. 

I know part of my problem is that I was naive to think anything could ever be wrong, or this would take us any time at all. Maybe naive is the wrong word? It's not like you go into "trying" for a baby and think "hey, this might not work out", but still….I should have emotionally prepared myself that this might take a few months. 

A few months have passed, and a few more, and then a few more on top of that. 
Have you seen any baby posts from me? Do you see a pregnancy announcement anywhere on my social media pages? Ya, you can guess how this whole "making a baby" thing is going for us. 

Part of this post is just for my own sanity, seeing as I feel like there is no one to talk to about this stupid, emotion filled subject. It's that one of the many awesome things that come along with being a woman? So emotional about so many different things. I apologize for the rambling. Bless my husband though, he puts up with me like a CHAMP. 
(I love you, baby) 

You see, the thing about "trying" for a baby is this: you are so filled with emotion each and every month. It goes a little something like this…
*YES! THIS IS OUR MONTH! I FEEL IT! I JUST KNOW IT!* ……… *wait, wait, wait* *………get your period*
I see it so many times on the internet "better late than pregnant" or "i'll take cramps over a baby any day" and all I can do when I get my period is cry. (Like literally bawl on the floor but that is because of the pain I get with it and all my endometriosis side effects and that is a post all in its own. And cry because i'm not pregnant. They go hand in hand.) 

There hasn't been a month since "trying" that I haven't cried. There hasn't been a month without thinking "what is wrong with me?!" There hasn't been a month without thinking "what am I doing wrong?!" There hasn't been a month where I'm not filled with anger, and depression, and sadness, and every emotion in-between. And before you even DARE say "that's not helping your case" I FREAKING KNOW THAT. I know it's not helping that I stress about it and/or get upset about it. I KNOW that our time will come, but it sure as hell doesn't make it ANY easier. 

Like how I keep saying "trying"? I have ALWAYS been that person who thinks it's SO weird when people tell others that they are trying to a baby. Like "HEY, WE'RE HAVING SEX AND WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT IT!" THAT. IS. AWKWARD. But you know what? I'm over it. I'm over caring what other people think. 

This was more of a rambling post as stated above. Sometimes I need this. Sometimes I just need to let my mind wander and let it do the typing. That's the funny and great thing about blogging. This is my little place on the internet where I can come and just be real and be me.
 Read if you wish, hate me if you want to, but either way, this is my place

Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't Be An Idiot On Instagram

Oh Instagram. One of my favorite forms of social media! Theres just something about mass amounts of filters and hashtags that really revs my engine. I know I have done a post similar to this with my Internet Pet Peeves, but I'm singling out Instagram today. 
If you don't follow me over there yet, you clearly don't follow very many cool people. I kid, I kid. However, I DID change my handle and you should definitely go check it out! Everything is getting in sync. *insert angels singing*

Anyway, I'm straying…back to the post. Don't be an idiot on instagram. It's simple, really. 
Let me break it down for you and share the things that truly annoy me 

1) #dont #you #dare #do #this

#dont #ever #do #this #it #is #so #annoying

3) "See above 'Internet Pet Peeves' post"

4) The people who make a collage with 539 pictures in it. 
Excuse me but your pictures are too small and I can't zoom and I can't creep your pictures.

5) The underage girls who post 15 selfies in one night holding a bottle of alcohol. 
Nothing screams "IM UNDERAGE" quite like the pictures of you and alcohol. 

6) The people who pride themselves in never using a filter. 
Get over yourself. Some days are more rough than others and we need a filter every now and then.

7) The people who are super creepy on comments
This needs no explanation. We've all seen it.

8) Private User Accounts
Y u no let me creep?!

9) People who don't follow me
I'm clearly awesome and you're missing out

What are some of your biggest instagram annoyances? Leave them in the comments!