Monday, February 2, 2015

Disneyland and an Anniversary!

Oh Disneyland! The land of happy hearts, hyper children, and parents ready to trample anyone who gets in the way of their stroller. (No really, we heard a guy say "I don't care how small a kid is, if they get in my way, I will run them over".) ….so there's that….

We had the most wonderful weekend vacation! What a better place to celebrate one year of marriage, eh?! This was actually the first vacation just the three of us took together and we were all thrilled. Our hotel was within walking distance so we walked back to our room mid-afternoon to rest and reenergize each day. Talk about convenient!
We did a dinner one night at the Blue Bayou, which was probably the best steak I have eaten yet!
This truly was one of my most favorite vacations. Baby girl didn't have one single melt down, which honestly SHOCKED me. Even at night when it was WAY passed her bedtime, she held it together. (Four for you, baby girl)

Once we got back into town from Disneyland, we went out for an anniversary dinner at the place we had our first date. Romantic, I know. ;) (Honestly though I just LOVE their food) I got to FINALLY wear this amazing dress from eShatki! IT HAS POCKETS!!! I was contacted from this site asking if I would want to pick one dress from their site to review. I was thrilled! I LOVED their selection of dresses. I felt everything was classy, yet fashionable. Their site specializes in sizes 0-36W and Custom Clothing. If you order something, you can give them YOUR specific measurements and they will tailor the dress to your needs. How awesome is that?!? AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! This AMAZING company has given me a discount code to use on their site for the next month for all you lovely readers! Just enter "bombshellwife" and get 10% OFF! :) Let me know if you purchase and send me pictures of what you get! ;)

We had such an amazing vacation and an even better anniversary! Thank you to everyone who wished us a happy day.
You all make our life amazing!

(Elsa and Anna were OBSESSED with Baby Girls Jamberry 'Frozen' Nails! Thanks Auntie Jen!)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Reminiscing On ONE YEAR!

A whole year?! How can it be that a YEAR has passed since we got married?! Talk about an amazing year! A year full of fun adventures, sleep overs every night with my best friend, and countless nights talking about our life goals and where we want to be! I love this life we have created and I know it is only going to get better from here! I know I have shared a lot of pictures on my blog of our big day, but I wanted to share some more because well…why not?! These are some of my favorite pictures from a year ago! Thanks for following our journey and enjoy the pictures! :)